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Journey to Lakshadweep: Different Transportation Options to Reach the Coral Islands from Pune

Planning a trip to the idyllic Lakshadweep islands but wondering how to travel there from Pune? Here are the various transportation modes connecting the coral islands to the city of Pune.

By Air

The most convenient way is to fly directly to Agatti airport from Pune airport. Regular flights are operated by Air India and SpiceJet to the airport, with a journey time of around 2.5 hours. From Agatti, you can either take a domestic flight or ferry to other islands.

By Ship

The sailings to various islands are coordinated by the Shipping Corporation of India. You can board ships from Kochi to Kavaratti, one of the popular Lakshadweep tourist places, and other islands. It takes around 1-2 days by sea to reach depending on weather conditions. Travelers first need to reach Kochi either by flight or train from Pune. From there, they can explore the pristine coral islands dotted with landscapes, and beaches and experience traditional lifestyles.

Through Multiple Transits

Those on tighter budgets can opt for multiple transit routes like bus/train to Mumbai followed by ship/flight further on. The total travel time via this mode is more than direct air connectivity. Make sure to plan adequate connecting time between modes.

Chartering Boats/Private Cruises

For a more luxurious journey, you can hire private luxury cruisers with amenities through multiple operators. The rates depend on the amenities onboard, season and number of passengers. This allows exploring islands at leisure without a fixed schedule.

Ferry Services

Government-operated ferry services connect islands on a set timetable. You can choose to reach islands like Kavaratti from Kochi and Agatti by passenger/cargo ships run by the marine department. Ensure booking well in advance during peak season.

So in summary, traveling from Pune to Lakshadweep is comfortable via direct flights while multi-modal transit is time-consuming but cheaper. Choose as per your travel preferences and budget to reach India's pristine coral islands.

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