Is March a Good Time to Visit Goa?

March is usually not considered as the month which most people would prefer for trips and outings. It is also not the tourist season in Goa. But you can definitely plan a trip to Goa in the month of March. It is not hot like the months of April and May, but there is still a little chill in the air. The evenings are very cool and nice in 

Goa in march. 

Goa is not too crowded in the month of March which will make your whole trip very less expensive. With more privacy and a clean environment, you can enjoy your trip to Goa in March. 


March is generally considered the starting of Indian Summers. However, goa is still very cool in the evenings and mornings. You can enjoy a nice breeze once the sunsets. There is also no rain which makes it awesome to visit the beaches.


With very few tourists and crowds, Goa beaches are very clean and empty. The most popular beaches in North and South Goa do not have too much crowd. If you are someone who prefers solitude them March should be the best month to visit Goa. 


The sea is very safe and beautiful during March. With no rain and mild sunshine, you can enjoy various activities in the sea like swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 


The party crowd in Goa leaves after the Carnival Fest which takes place in February. Few nightclubs close. But the most famous ones are open and you can have a splendid night out in the month of March with your friends. 

Water sports 

March is a good time to enjoy various water sports. You can go for dolphin and bird watching in the pleasant temperature of March. You can also cruise in the ocean.